Occupy Stories: Featured Artist Russell Christian

WOW…thats all i got to say. Occupy Wall Street is just over a little 2 months old now and look how things done changed. All the way from a small encampment at Zucotti Park that (almost) no one thought was going anywhere to the spawning of a world-wide movement that produced last Thursdays actions in NYC where over 30,000 people shutdown wall street took to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Occupy Comix original plan was to debut Occupy Comix Vol. 1 Issue 1 at the #N17 actions but at last due to some over capacity issues we pushed back our timeline. But Occupy still was able to have a presence felt at #N17. Thanks to todays featured artist Russell Christian. When we put out a call for artists submissions about a month ago Russell was one of the first to answer. Lucky for us he did. The outreach committee for #N17 reached out to Occupy Comix to do flyers for the midday actions, mobilizing people from the 5 Boroughs. Russell put together these 5 Comic Flyers that featured the stories of low-income members of community organizations from each Borough. In other word he help tell the stories of the 99% using comics. This is an example of what Occupy Comix hopes to accomplish with the release of Occupy Comix Vol. 1 issue 1.

We are ready to go! Our New release date is December 6th. All submissions are in and ready for print. Only one problem…WE NEED MONEY FOR THE PRINTER. Please help us raise $3000 for printing & shipping by donating here: http://t.co/MP2deBSF

Check posts for Russell Christian’s (http://thebouncybanker.blogspot.com) artwork stories of the 99%

EDGAR From Brooklyn

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