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Meet the Invincible….99ers!

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Marie Rivera aka SHRAPNEL: An unemployed Army Vet. Her power is to make kinetic objects explode.
Charlie Tan aka EXPRESS: An unemployed food delivery man. His power is super speed.
Neha Patel aka FLO: An unemployed science teacher. Her power is to manipulate dormant forms of energy.
Jimmy Connelly aka HARD HAT: An unemployed construction worker. His power is super strength.
Jesus Gonzalez aka EL FUEGO: An unemployed cook. His power is to control fire and shoot flames.
Tony Baloney aka FUZZ: An unemployed Policeman. His power is to generate electric blasts.

OCCUPY COMIX: Call for submissions: Issue #1

We are living through a critical moment in American history and that of the world. Occupy Comix is being launched to bring you the critical stories and dreams of struggle occurring all around us.


We are making a call to all artists and writers to help transform our world, to build a new Mythos of Hope.


The first project we want to create is a free monthly comic book chronicling the lives of the 99%. We are calling for submissions from artists and writers who would like to work on short stories. The type and quality of printing will depend on the amount of money we raise on Kickstarter and any funds left over will be distributed evenly to the artists and writers who get published.


The print copies will be given out for free at Occupy Wall Street and finances willing, at Occupy events across the nation.


Submissions Guidelines:


• No more than 5 pages long

• Geared for all ages – let’s keep it educational 🙂

• Incorporate the theme of “We are the 99%”

• Be creative – we are not just looking for graphic novel journalism

• Submissions deadline for print issue #1 is Friday November 4th

• Our publishing deadline for issue #1 is Friday November 18th and digital ASAP


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