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Meet Hoodie…The Organizer

Illustrated by Alma Sheppard Matsuo
Concept Design by Terry Marshall

Be on the look out for Hoodie is future issues of Occupy Comix and in the real world. In the mean time help out with real Hoodie Missions of Justice here: and


           (Original Artwork by V for Vendetta Co-creator David Lloyd)

Go to the download section of this site to see how you can get a copy. Here is the editoral of Occupy Comix Vol. 2:

“For this issue of Occupy Comix, we asked artists to play with the concept of “Home, Sweet, Home.” This couldn’t be more fitting. The current capitalist meltdown began with the housing crisis. A major feature of neoliberal capitalism is the dislocation and displacement of poor people all around the world. Eviction has become a shared fear among those with houses, apartments, small businesses those who live in an occupation, and the homeless—who probably understand the mobile nature of home better than anyone. In fact, one of our contributing artists is in the process of losing her home in Florida as she created her comic for this issue. This impermanence of home for the working and the poor is defining us more and more. Immigrants migrating across borders in search of work are policed and barred while new laws
are created to allow capital to migrate across borders without any consideration of its impact on local economies. In these pages you will find artists interpretations of this new reality. Hopefully these stories will inspire some of you to get involve with the OWS offshoot Occupy Our Homes. For us to be radical, we must be rooted—and to be rooted means to have a home.
We’ve grown since issue #1 by reputation and following which is seen in our contributors to this issue. We are honored by everyone that has submitted their work, but just would like to highlight Ricardo Cotes (illustrator of Go the F*ck to Sleep) Clifford Meth (writing industry veteran), Michael Netzer (comic legend), and the co-creator of V for Vendetta, the legendary David Lloyd. We are happy to know that Occupy Comix is resonating with folks and that we are increasingly being seen as a platform for artistic work that supports the Occupy Movement.”

Facebook it, Tweet it, Reddit, download it. In the next few days we are going to show how we plan to distribute hard copies of Vol 2 and how YOu can get more involved. Stay tuned.