Occupy Comix is a grassroots collective of artists, illustrators, writers and riot makers. We hope to capture the anecdotes, glimpses, pictures, critical stories and dreams of struggle occurring all around us. The Occupy Comix team supports the revolutionary movements in the US and throughout the world that have been forged by OWS. To us, this means (for now), that we believe in the ideals of a worker/people-run solidarity economy based on shared interest and not greed, participatory democracy, and leadership that is cultivated in low income and marginalized communities. We have a commitment to the transformation of society’s corporate, consumer philosophy to embrace a new culture rich in meaning developed from the people for the purpose of joy,awakening, entertainment and impact, not profit, distraction and persuasion. Some artists that we may feature hint at varying political philosophies represented in the OWS movement that may not always align with our political views as editors, but gives a glimpse into the broad support in this moment. We believe that there is truth and meaning in these stories and therefore find them relevant to share. Artists and writers can help transform our world, to build a new Mythos of Hope. Get involved! Join us if you have some skillz! Let us know what you think.

Our current team includes:
Terry Marshall and Lenina Nadal- Co-Editors/Production Coordinators
Karen Oh- Artistic Director
John Kim- Editor/Logo Design/Illustrator
Tim Riot- Designer

Contact us:
Email us at: occupycomix@gmail.com

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